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Gathering from the reviews I read below, lot of people are totally dismayed about the devious business practices of HSI. Today one of their infomercials popped up on my computer screen.

The are so blatantly obtuse in their rhetoric, referring to President Obama as King Obama, that one can only come to the conclusion that we are dealing with right wing political organization being supported by, who knows what industry. Trying to hide under the respectable mantle of bringing health care information to the public.

If you agree with their pandering, venal blather you deserve them. Anybody with some critical thinking should be able to see right through their devious agenda.

Christina Gold

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Hillary doesn't need any help from HSI to support the idea that she is evil.

Meridian, Idaho, United States #1326522

I agree with Christina Gold,

Except I am a Deplorable but anyone with half a brain cell can see that they are pandering to The Right Wing. Using our dis like and fear of what evil things Hillary is capable of.

Getting tired of people trying to profit off of others in such a sham of a way. Get an honest job like most on the Right would and quit scamming.

Deplorables don't fall for this ***! You are being baited with fear!

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1226545

Agree! I just watched their ridiculous anti Hillary video! Would be comical if it was not so tragic that, as they well know, there is an audience for this...

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1185382

And Hillary will be President Obama's third term in office.

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1185381


Anyone with the ability to think critically should be able to see the trends with President Obama and where he is taking us as a country. We have lost our sense of unity as a country and any sense of common good.

President Obama has violated the spirit of the Constitution from the beginning and the Republicans in Congress have enabled him. Our Founders were not a bunch of old foggies who are now irrelevant.

They may have been a bunch of propertied white men but they understood liberty and governance. We all as Americans would learn from them.

Elk River, Minnesota, United States #1181149

I see no complaint here except that this organization does not agree with your political stance. So what?

New York, New York, United States #1180557

And what makes you think these positive comments are posted by real people?

Baraboo, Wisconsin, United States #1176859

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.... Nothing better to say about this HSI than that.

Absolutely, sickeningly, and obviously true that "we are dealing with right wing political organization being supported by, who knows what industry. Trying to hide under the respectable mantle of bringing health care information to the public."

Sad the right should stoop this low...

to Anonymous #1188118

Like Our Radical Islam in Chief Obama telling us "If you like your Dr or Healthplan, you can keep them". Libitards never stoop and lie, lie, lie to do whatever they want.

"At this point what difference does it make" per Ms. Clinton.

to MsClintonLiesLiesLies San Francisco, California, United States #1202347

Get over it!

to Anonymous #1365739

You friggin lost go FY sideways.

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