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My mail box has been (Flooded) FULL of text from Health Sciences Institute. The text I receive is full of sum information I already know and some wanting me to purchase more items from them.

I have not yet received any book from them. But I did just received a letter saying that the credit card I used, that they were unable to process my order, with the credit card used. They want me to call them to resolve the problem. BUT the Problem is >> The credit card ending in last 4 digits (they supplied) is not the credit card I used for the original order and that I should call them and verify the account number.

"Don't think so." How they got the card ending in the numbers they gave me is not a credit card that I would have used to pay for there services. AND I have NO CREDIT CARD ENDING IN THE NUMBERS THEY SUPPLIED.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Health Sciences Institute Membership.

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I don't believe that your situation reflects on the company. Is it at all possible you typed in the wrong numbers?

I am an experienced touch typist, but find that occasionally I hit the wrong numbers or keys. Please comment on either the information or efficiency of their remedies.


ADVICE : Run screaming and do not look back over your shoulder ... but I think you have already realized this !

If it's paper in the mail, throw it away. If it's e-mails or text messages, delete them.

Advise your credit card company to deny any and every charge attempted by the vendor ; they will be happy to oblige. Have you actually ordered something from this group ; I hope not, because you're on the road to be hacked.

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