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*** NO and stop sending this type of BS survey. 95% of African Americans don't give a hoot about those BS emails that were even formally documents as confidential.

And 85% of Mexicans don't give a hoot about those emails. If anything happens to Mrs. Clinton of President Obama, then your man Donald Trump needs to go to PRISON!!! For this organization to send out this type of information is irresponsible.

Trump had the nerve to say that Obama started ISIS. That is a lie.

The truth is these groups are off shoots from the Afghanistan war. Charlie Wilson, a Republican was the genesis of those type of groups- He was known as Charlie Wilson's War

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Portland, Oregon, United States #1204474

I think you need to check into who is working in the white house with Obama. He has on staff a Muslim advisor and he has given money to Muslims based on this advice from his advisor.

Its called foreign yes he did fund ISIS as far as I am concerned.

he should never have given them money. It is our hard earned tax payers money he so freely gave.

Hilary is a comunist and so is Bill....She is a proven Liar..and a crook with her clinton foundation..and yes if one of us naturals committed what she did then he or she would be in prison....She gets out of all of her crooked situations cause of who she is...She is a lawyer!!!!!!!

Yes!!! Hilary should be in prison!!!!!

to Anonymous Broomfield, Colorado, United States #1205378

ISIS was a response to the US invading IRAQ, ISIS says that. Hillary is not a commie (if you believe that you're an ***).

Trump lies and doesn't even know he's lying. He only appeals to low IQ white trash from what I've seen. Why do Google, MIT, CalTech, and LA Labs have >90 percent liberals there? Smart people are liberals.

When you're dead, you don't know it and it's only hard on the people around you. The same is true when you're ***.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1199937


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1199929

WOW, You are clueless, apparently you didn't hear what the FBI director said. and to sum it up - the ONLY reason she isn't in PRISON right now is because he want's to keep his cushy job.

If you watched FOX News you would know how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is.

As for President Trump, he earned his money, working in the civilian world and has done what needs to be done as a civilian.

He is a successful conservative businessman and these are the ingredients to run a successful country.

You are most likely on some form of government subsidized housing, are unemployed and are using the EBT food card that the working republican tax payers are paying for.

You are the same *** that voted for a Muslim negro that was born in Kenya and is as corrupt as Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary Clinton has been in some form of government for most of her life as has done it to benefit her and her family financially and has done nothing to earn it. You obviously choose to ignore the facts or don't know the facts or just choose to disregard the facts.

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