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Please don't be fooled by these "experts". I have not and would not subscribe to HSI for the simple fact that their advertising techniques are shameless!

Their #1 approach is to blatantly prey on people's health fears. They also really 'took the cake' when dragging politics into their most recent campaign. We all know the pharma giants are out to make big money, but is HSI the big savior? I doubt it.

Their goal is obviously to make a buck,also. Why should I (or anyone) believe them, the self professed experts. They even Gave Themselves a "gold seal", as if that means anything! Where is their "Better Business" credential?

How do we know any of this is true?

And there is No Way that the "FREE" books are worth over $400. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Health Sciences Institute Advertisement.

Reason of review: misleading ad.

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Actually the Better Business Bureau is a scam. A relative of mine owns a business and were rated by the BBB with a B minus rating.

They were not a member then decided to join and they immediately went up to an A or A plus.

(Cant remember).

If you have not read the book than you should not comment on the book. It is available on Amazon with no membership.

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