I did it. Even after listening to the hour-plus long infomercial.

The kind of infomercial that sounds like they're trying to scam you. But I was excited about hearing about natural cures. I decided myself that maybe they had a good product but we're horrible at marketing. After all I've decided that they're terrible at marketing and they have no product to speak of.

It's more of a searching archive. The infomercial talked about all sorts of benefits for seniors. I figured it might be some sort of catalog with companies that give discounts for seniors. Never saw anything like that.

Never saw anything new on anything. I went to their products tab. I noticed that none of the products were wild sourced or organic. In natural medicines that's the hugest difference.

If you don't have wild Source non-GMO organic you don't have anything. When I called their customer service line the person on the other end, though American, was so stupid or rude I'm not sure which or possibly both. This site is a joke it literally doesn't have anything to speak of.

It's like buying nothing. I'll let you know how the cancellation / refund go.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Health Sciences Institute Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just tried to cancel my membership...hope my email works...phone doesn't..I'm in London,so beware of customs charges from USAI had to pay £17 for the last package..no such thing as a free book


Why don’t you report your card lost/stolen and get a new number. Tell your credit card company to block all charges on your old card. Then ignore their emails and charges.

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