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Sounds like a huge smear campaign to discredit HSI.

My experience with this company is a bit backwards.

I stumbled upon this company while researching various supplements and comparing prices.

One product in particular that I was looking for happens to have saved and restored the lives of 2 people I personally know who had metastatic cancer. These are amazing testimonies to the supplement AHCC but too long for this review. But their stories made me a believer and I have been researching and using ‘‘alternative medicines’’ or supplements ever since for my own health problems with much success. My issues are autoimmune related.

I am a registered nurse and my science background helps when researching just how these supplements can help to heal the body, many by simply boosting the immune system.

Also my neurologist who is perhaps one of the most brilliant doctors I have ever met, combines western medicine with many other these alternative medicines or supplements. And I have benefited greatly.

I have to say that I truthfully I have had nothing but good things to say regarding HSI and the membership and all it offers, their informative

books and their customer service has been very satisfactory.

I have never had a problem with contacting the company, no over or extra charges, and 2 cancellations for something I inadvertently signed up for a few months ago went seamlessly with the charges being credited to my card in a timely manner.

My only negative comment would be when they are promoting a supplement(s) they do seem a bit overzealous. However I can tell you that when they are promoting a supplement that I am familiar, their content is spot on. I base that on the my own research and personal experience with the supplement, or that of my friends.

My advice would be for company to take a different approach when promoting their products.

I myself was initially turned off with their doom and gloom approach a few years back when I started listening to their info videos

(for lack of a better term) that I would get in emails.

My take is that they can be very passionate about what they are promoting so perhaps they can choose their words more carefully. But as I stated earlier, my ‘reverse approach’ to stumbling onto HSI (my own research, alternative supplements prescribed by my neurologist and witnessing 2 friends survive cancer after being told by their doctors that there was nothing more they could offer and then given 3-6 months to live) actually led me to HSI. And I have found HSI to be a valuable resource for me.

They offer a variety of cancer “killing” and immune boosting supplements but one must do research and so much more. Everyone has to take personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing and discuss various supplements with their doctors and decide what is seems reasonable and best for them.

In my humble opinion, HSI has been a wonderful resource for me for information on supplements and which company’s are reputable to order from. I’m sure there are many more company’s that aren’t listed with HSI that are just as reputable and perhaps even less expensive. But unless I know for sure(usually based on a recommendation from s friend or a naturopathic Doctor I know, I continue to order my supplements from companies I am familiar with.

Everyone's body reacts to stress and illness differently and has its own certain needs and HSI offers something for everyone.

HSI also offers hope to those who have been given none.

In closing I find it unusual that there is an inordinate amount of negative comments on every aspect of this company.

To me it sounds like an effort to discredit the company and it’s products. My first guess would be pharmaceutical companies who have much to lose because these alternative supplements are relatively easy to produce and do not cost a fortune to purchase.

Many of the drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies are from chemical compounds found in plants (with a long history of effectiveness dating back hundreds of years) or are synthetic copies of these compounds, but one needs a prescription for these and they can be very expensive.

Could I be wrong? Sure I suppose so, but common sense tells me that since these alternative and natural supplements have helped me greatly with my autoimmune disease and saved the lives of 2 people I know personally with metastatic cancer, how wrong could I be?

And I realize I am just one person with my own story(s), but there are countless people out there like me with their own story(s) as well.

Natural supplements is big business but they offer researched products that have helped millions of people at reasonable prices with no prescription needed.

I know pharmaceutical companies spend millions on research and development of drugs and thus the need to charge more for their product but when many alternative supplements have been tried and true for centuries perhaps the pharmaceutical companies are just over doing it on several levels.

I am one thankful person that so many have studied alternative approaches to health and devoted so much of their time and lives for the betterment of others.

One thing regarding this

site named “Pissed off Consumer”, before I submit my review I am required to check the box which states:

I read and to agree to the Pissed Consumer -Terms of Service

That initially sounds as if I am agreeing with or am one of the pissed off consumers, off which I am not.

Lynne A.

****but I would prefer my name not be used.

I liked: All aspects of services and products.

I didn't like: Have found nothing to dislike thus far.

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i agree with lynne A.. good information and good products were hope has been lost, HSI offers hope and a will to live and a thrive to survive...


I have also had good luck in that respect they have many good remedies for lack of a better term. But I got very turned off when they throw politics in it that is when I canceled my subscription

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