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On June 11, 2015 I listened to a 25+ minute presentation from Jennifer Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute. I decided to take advantage of the annual membership which for Seniors 60 and over the fee is $37.00. As I submited my credit card information a pop up screen appeared and said did I want to upgrade to a lifetime membership for a total of $99.00. Well of course without really knowing what this program had to offer by trying it myself, I clicked out of that screen. Well "through a system error" I was told after I called customer service to tell them $99.00 came out of my account. So they said they would correct this mistake on their end. I was pleased with that, however the next day, they decided to take an additional $37.00 out of my account for the annual membership. So if you do the math I now have $136.00 tied up with them. Additionally, remember that $99.00 HSI said they would take care of - well they did. The money was moved to posted transactions from pending transactions. So I called customer service back and they said oh no, it was not supposed to happen. I explained that I did not feel comfortable with their performance to date, so please just cancel everything. That includes the additional $37.00 that was taken from my account with out my permission, not to mention the $99.00 that was taken from my account when it should have only been $37.00.

So my complaint is, if there is a system error, fix it. If your system error charged a customer more than it was supposed to, correct it. If you say you are going to cancel a membership - do it. But saying you will take care of a situation, and then just not doing it and then telling the customer it will take 5 - 7 days to get your refund????? When it took you a nano second to take it?????

The information that I was able to look at on line, it a lot of documentation about supplements they want you to buy from them at what appears to be a pretty stiff price at that.

Buyer BEWARE !!!!! Do not give them your credit card on line, they will make additional transactions on your behalf without you know it. This is FRAUD !!!!! and MISUSE of your credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Health Sciences Institute Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $136.

I didn't like: Misrepresentation.

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Same ripoff experience except I approved a $37 charge recently and THEY SLAMMED ME WITH A $149 CHARGE !!....We have make sure they pay, bigtime .


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