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Here is the customer service number that Health Sciences Institute fails to post anywhere and tries to keep from view. I got this from my bank when I called to complain about a "bail and switch" charge. I clearly bought a one year membership, but was charged for a lifetime membership. Used this number and got a full, no hassle refund. Sneaky doesn't work with me!

Well, now I see that this review can not be posted with under 100 words, so I am adding that I am happy to see sites such as help all of us stand up to fraud on the internet.


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Thank you for posting the information you were able to find. I had been trying everything I could think of before I found your post.

Hope I will be able to get a refund also.

Guess this should teach something to all of us. Thank you again.

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #1209473

You say that this company tries to hide its number? I found their website in about two seconds by just googling them and the website has a contact us button at the bottom of the page like every other site including this one.

Im not understanding where the whole trying to hide comment comes from. And just because you are completely inept when it comes to purchasing online and clicked the wrong thing doesn't mean that you have to try and drag the company down with you just to make yourself feel less ***

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