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Pushing ads for blatantly false stories and conspiracies. Total FRAUD!!!

Worse than Fox News for pushing fake news. Story after story after story is devoid of anything resembling actual facts and truth. Over and over and over, there is more "Hillary Clinton is evil" stories. Spews claims that are nothing more than conspiracies with no substance.

Just like Trump and Huckabee, they believe their own *** and expect everyone to worship their brand of stupid without question. If we are to believe these people, hurricanes kill people because someone else doesn't worship Trump.

Or, tornados kill because someone has a same sex relationship. Total crap and should be ignored by ALL.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Health Sciences Institute Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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seems to me you are a full blown Idiot that only believes what the Gov,CNN,MSMBCABC,and all the other Fake News tells you.and that the hate in you glows like the rest of you haters.Have a nice day and keep being a loser.

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