I endured their 45 minute diatribe posted on an AOL ad recently.These people are despicable and dangerous consciousless pigs.

Not so much their jaundiced tactic of attempting to disguise their what amounts to a snake oil pitch behind by linking it to bogus old political conspiracy theory but by obviously targeting and preying on the hopes, fears, and desperation of the elderly. Normally creepy organizations like this can be simply ignored but they are too dangerous. Even if they sway a handful of vulnerable souls they are putting them at risk by encouraging dangerous and life threatening beliefs and behavior.

Here is truth the -https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/sour-honey-cure-cancer/ - and that’s only the beginning.I hope that most people will see through their despicable attempt to sell their ideas at the expense of peoples health and well being and asking them to pay for it too.

Reason of review: lies and deceptions.

Preferred solution: stop killing people.

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