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    • Information on the site when researing heath issues 2
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    • Misrepresentation 7
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I want my account credited for the 37.00dollars you took without my ok.I don't even know what you are selling.I look just look at alot of things on my mail box not thinking I will be charged for the look.This happened on the 24th day of October, this is the 25th day of October.I just happened to get on my online banking and caught this very quickly.Why is it that I have to use 100+words to get the point across that I want my money... Read more

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i recently viewed this ad through my email~~i allowed myself to get "sucked in" and spent over half hour listening to all the "in just a few minutes"/"but first i'll" statements along the way~~turns out, i found myself with raised BP and shortness of breath + hot flashes due to angst created by my allowance of sitting with this ad for too long~~i recognize this condition as dis-ease in and of itself, and completely opposed to the nature of this... Read more

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I have a charge on my bank of $37.00 today. This was not approved. Please credit my account. I have not agreed to continue any subscription to this entity, and long ago unsubscribed to this service. Your product information is questionable, my doctor does not agree with products you offer and the outrages prices from questionable distributors. Please take care of this credit immediately. Thank you! Requiring a 100 words is... Read more

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I just saw a total BS presentation online by this org. which contains one whopper after another. No attributions, no basis, no facts, just a bunch of phony charges and misrepresentations. It very much resembles the *** ads one reads in newspapers touting the newest weight loss scam. One would have to be a fool to take anything these folks say seriously. BOO HISS throw away don't listen, just run away. And it looks like doing any business with... Read more

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I am outraged by your attack on Hillary Clinton!!!!!! I wonder if you have any idea how similar your tirade is to those who followed Adolf Hitler. You are a fascist !!!!! Read more

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I went to order a book and a one year membership and it tricked me to click on a link how to get back the $37. When I clicked on that link I purchased a lifetime membership for $149.00 which I din't want. I received an email confirmation from a customer service email linked to HSI. When I replied to the email to tell them to reverse the charge, it was a non-existent email. Pretty tricky. I immediately shut down my credit card. Also, they... Read more

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WTF?! You begin your video with a 10-minute diatribe warning consumers of a DEATH every 5 minutes; DEATH you blame on Hillary Clinton but with no evidence, no sourcing, just bald-face accusations that the democratic presidential nominee is behind it all. According to, the Pharmamaceutical industry spent more than any other lobby to influence congress. For the 4-year period 2008-2012, the total exceeded ONE BILLION DOLLARS. ... Read more

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I have to listen to a long dissertation before finally getting to the end of the reason for the sell me something. If they really had something, a two or three minute email/video would let me know about this. They are so concerned with "saving lives" that they must present a long-long message before they really tell you anything, and that is how to order their product. Really? (The note says I need to submit at least 100 words, so... Read more

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Who is this weird person who is the Director of this *** company. She needs to be fired. She is a very sick, and *** and weird and out of control, who does she think she is? I think she is a Trump Thumping gun carrying mentally sick person. She needs to be fired. Are you really letting her write and speak this garbage? Wow! I have never heard such lies, and a total mass of lies and why is this company that is not even a company allowing... Read more

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I watched a bit of this "Jenny Thompson's" video. Does anyone really believe the picture associated with the voice are one and the same? Does anyone really believe her claims? Every hear of Kevin Trudeau? Yeah, he's the guy who sold all those books entitled basically the same: "The weight loss cure they don't want you to know about", or "the cancer cure they don't...." You get the point. Well, he is not scheduled for release from "Club... Read more

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