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Jenny Thompson is unqualified for her position. HSI is just a front for a greedy, money-grubbing group who tries to get the public to buy worthless, unproven things to supplement their incomes, without any factually, proven products - e.g., proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in a significant number of people. Most of the leaders of HSI are non-physicians, or are "naturopathic doctors", who tend to believe in unproven and/or... Read more

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*** NO and stop sending this type of BS survey. 95% of African Americans don't give a hoot about those BS emails that were even formally documents as confidential. And 85% of Mexicans don't give a hoot about those emails. If anything happens to Mrs. Clinton of President Obama, then your man Donald Trump needs to go to PRISON!!! For this organization to send out this type of information is irresponsible. Trump had the nerve to say that Obama... Read more

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HSI is a scam. They charge you to be a member, making it seem like they are going to give you advise on what natural cures will help you. Then all they do is try to sell you their products.

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I became a "member" in October 2015 and payed for one year. After a couple of months I received a mail to pay again. I told them about their mistake. Now, July 2016, a mail from HSI states that they are going to charge my account for another year. I answered their mail and told them not to touch my account but my answer could not be delivered. They purposely make it very easy for them to take my money but very difficult for me to tell them to... Read more

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I have just checked my current credit card statement and have found a £28.28 charge on my account taken on 23 July 2016.I had tried their FREE TRIAL 2 years ago but cancelled the trial the day after signing up as it wasn't what I thought it was-all spam advertising and not any real medical information-I even have the email that cancels the FREE TRIAL yet-2 years later-these bastards have FRAUDULENTLY CHARGED MONEY TO MY CARD-WITHOUT MY... Read more

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Even though i csncelled my subscription an attempt has been made to take money out of my bank account which has 0 balance as I never use the account. I have passed this onto my bank's Dispute centre as I will be charged for an unplanned overdraft once this money is taken out. Disgraceful. Even though i csncelled my subscription an attempt has been made to take money out of my bank account which has 0 balance as I never use the account. I have... Read more

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I am ABDUSH MADYUN. I was advised per Phone Alert that a Purchase "charge of $37.00 for purchase at PSV*Health Sciences Insti 888-2406317 US" was charged to My Account on 07/23 11:18AM CT with your Purpose Card ending in 8072. This is not My Act. I am not affiliated with. If I am, I want such affiliation cancelled. I am not a Member of your organization. I do not wish to be. I did not authorize this purchase. I want My Money placed back on My... Read more

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What the heck are you doing in the name of The Health Sciences Institute, Jenny Thompson! Making a political statement online accusing Hillary Clinton of trying to kill us!!! You should just say Donald Trump is in the pockets of the pharmas. Your company has bad reviews anyway, but now I see why. It is a company that appears to be funded by Trump to "kill the Witch!". You and the Republicans can stop your little masquerade. I am reporting... Read more

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What in the heck is a Director of the Health Sciences Institute doing positing political messages on the Internet for?? Stick to what you are supposed to do Health Issues and you CLAIM to be an independent organization?? BULL I don't think that you lean anymore to the Right if you tried. Who are you fooling? You are TRYING DESPERATELY to influence older Americans. It is the REPUBLICANS who are in bed with the drug companies and BIG OIL,... Read more

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I got one of those Info "e-mails" just now. As I read it my absolute first thought was totally RIGHT WING B.S. I admit I have despised the character of the G.O.P. since Nixon. Having said that, both Clintons are a disgrace to America FOR MANY REASONS. I have always been able to think for myself and have been an Independent since Jon Anderson days. This e-mail (of which I did not have to go beyond the letter itself because it so smacked of... Read more

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